The Bologna process (1) – Hung out to dry

An ingress of water into my office saturated my press cuttings – so everything has been hung out to dry.

One piece, drying between two towels, is an article from The Times Higher Education Supplement, 13 February 1998, reporting on  a forum held at  Bologna University on the professional status of foreign lecturers.

It quotes former director of Florence University’s language teaching centre, Cesare Cecioni, addressing 125 foreign lecturers assembled in Bologna  as follows:

“If you were ever to apply for promoted posts you would have no chance of success. As we would be judging you, it would simple be the slaughter of the innocents”

To people unacquainted with Italian universities this must seem eccentric … bizarre even, but Prof.  Cecioni is just saying how things are.

Full article:

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One Response to The Bologna process (1) – Hung out to dry

  1. Linda Armstrong says:

    Dear David
    I am one of those ‘lettori’ alluded to in the article. I would like to underline one fact that strikes me as odd as far as those 28 die-hards left in Bologna, and that is if it is true that European Law is sovereign why was the University of Bologna allowed to sack 78 foreign language lecturers in Sept. 1993, committing to the printed word that the dismissal was because the Italian government had to follow a European Court of Justice judgement in our favour. A nonsense.
    Italy and its politicians are like something from an Enid Blyton childrens’ story. But is Europe playing Big Ears to Italy’s Noddy?
    Waiting for justice
    Linda Armstrong

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