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European Commission answer to Claude Moraes MEP

On 1.03.10  Claude Moraes MEP tabled this question to the European Commission EQUAL TREATMENT OF NON-ITALIAN UNIVERSITY LECTURERS IN ITALY Since 1989, the European Court of Justice has ruled three times that Italy has failed to fulfil its obligations under … Continue reading

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UK Europe Minister Chris Bryant MP marries

 UK Europe Minister Chris Bryant MP got married in a civil partnership held in the House of Commons on Saturday, 27 March 2010.  On behalf of all foreign lecturers – in Italian universities – suffering discrimination based on their nationality … Continue reading

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CRUI chief Decleva declines

Regretably Prof. Enrico Decleva (Chairman of CRUI –  Italian University Vice-Chancellors) did not respond to my letter – – inviting him to our national meeting in Bologna last Saturday –  but word will have got back to him that all is not well … Continue reading

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Enrico Decleva, Chairman of vice-chancellors of Italian universities; invitation.

On 18 February I wrote to the Chairman of Italian vice-chancellors, Professor Enrico Decleva with cc to 25 vice-Chancellors in 25 Italian Universities, UK Minister for Europe Chris Bryant and the European Commission. I provide him with a summary of … Continue reading

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