Enrico Decleva, Chairman of vice-chancellors of Italian universities; invitation.

On 18 February I wrote to the Chairman of Italian vice-chancellors, Professor Enrico Decleva with cc to 25 vice-Chancellors in 25 Italian Universities, UK Minister for Europe Chris Bryant and the European Commission. I provide him with a summary of the problem of foreign lecturers in Italian universities and rebut 6 statements he made to the Italian Daily, La Stampa on 13 January 2010. I have invited the Chairman of Vice Chancellors to our national meeting in Bologna on 13 March 2010. See letter CRUI EN WEB

Ho invitato il presidente della CRUI a partecipare al nostro incontro a Bologna il 13 marzo 2010. Lettera: CRUI 18 febb 2010


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6 Responses to Enrico Decleva, Chairman of vice-chancellors of Italian universities; invitation.

  1. anne warren says:

    Did he accept your invitation? Did he even reply?

  2. Holly Snapp says:

    Crisp, clear, rousing, and invigorating – Decleva missed quite a show at yesterday’s meeting in Bologna. David Petrie is never less than stirring, and I think the President of CRUI would have found himself, indeed, between ‘a rock and a hard place’. Extremely focussed meeting much appreciated by all, with proper attention paid to cutting away ‘minor’ complaints and zeroing in on target – ‘mancanza di rispetto per diritti acquisiti’. A bravura performance from David with a fine backup from Victoria -many thanks.

  3. Linda Armstrong says:

    Keep at’em. Age and ailments no longer make us a danger by making us ‘lettori ex art 28 ad esaurimento’.
    We would like to retire without fear of eviction and means to feed ourselves. It is time that Italy puts their house in order.

  4. Com’è andato il meeting? Potreste scrivere anche in Italiano, per favore, visto che non tutti capiscono l’inglese tanto bene: non siete tutti lettori d’inglese, mi pare!

  5. I J Gavin says:

    No real surprise there that yer man didn’t show up…..
    Those who did witnessed one of Mr.Petrie’s usual gritty performances.
    The fight’s just started Mr.Decleva!!! Are you up for it?…..because we certainly ARE!!!

  6. V. says:

    la lotta solo e` cominciata… Questa fa un po’ ridere. Siamo invecchiati nel frattempo, qualcuno e’ gia’ morto. Anche tutti quanti abbiamo questa prospettiva garantita, sempre piu` vicina… dopo una vita in miseria e lo snobbismo dei professoracci

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