Help dissolve the Italian state and win a bottle of wine

It might prove easier to dissolve the Italian state than  to convince Italy to uphold its Treaty obligations.

Paul Betts reported in the The Financial Times on 7 April:  “It has long been suspected that some European Union countries apply the rules set in Brussels on something of a pick and chose basis … It takes a pretty special kind of government to advertise up front an intention to ignore a ruling from Brussels before it has actually happened.” 

 Italy’s communications minister, Paolo Romani – commenting on a dispute on whether  Sky Italia – TV rival of Prime Minister Berlusconi’s Mediaset empire –  might  be permitted to bid  for new Italian digital terrestrial frequencies – is reported to have said that any such decision by Brussels would simply be ignored by the Italian government.

The EU Treaty obliges member states to cooperate in its implementation.

Italy could be hauled before  the Luxemboug based European Court of Justice and brought to heel for failure to fulfil its obligations.

Well, that’s the theory.

In a case before the ECJ Advocate General, Sharpston, 1 June 2006 lamented that Italy had sent the Court a “bundle of over 100 pages of assorted documents [with] no explanation of how those texts are relevant”.

 She added  that “It is usual in infringement actions for the Member State concerned to provide the Court with comprehensible information about its relevant law. In the present case, the situation in Italy was not entirely clear even after the hearing” … (my emphasis).

I will not be alone in thinking that Italy’s behaviour is tantamount to contempt of court.

There is a pre-Garibaldian slogan harping back to foreign domination  “Francia o Spagna, basta che si magna!”  (whether we are governed by Spain or France … who cares so long as we eat!)

Can anyone come up with something similar which rhymes with Brussels and Luxembourg?

A bottle of (Italian) bubbly for the winner.

Link to FT article Paul Betts;  Rome TV shenanigans set Brussels a competition test:

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11 Responses to Help dissolve the Italian state and win a bottle of wine

  1. Mathilde Anquetil says:

    Bruxelles ou Luxembourg?
    Pour l’Italie ce n’est que calembour!

  2. frank caruso says:

    Bruxelles o Lussemburgo non ce ne frega un tubo.

  3. amy says:

    Let me suggest some nice Franciacorta bubbly wine…

  4. sally ashenhurst says:

    Luxembourg and/or Bruxelles
    Both of them can go to hell!

  5. Shone e Nick says:

    Brussels or Luxembourg
    Just like Papi, don’t give a turd

  6. Rob says:

    Both Strasbourg and Brussels
    Have no legal muscles,
    And with Luxembourg laws
    We don’t dirty our paws!

    Or, with a variation on the last couplet:

    Both Strasbourg and Brussels
    Have no legal muscles,
    And those Luxembourg laws
    Don’t extend to our shores!

  7. Mia Clark says:

    Luxembourg or Brussels they just gorra no muscles!

  8. MJ says:

    ¿Luxemburgo o Bruselas ?
    Lo que importa es comer habichuelas.

  9. Bendo-Soupou Raoul Dominique says:

    L’Etat italien ne respecte meme pas les promesses faites à ses citoyens qui soutiennent les gouvernements qui se succèdent dans ce pays!L’attitude négative de cet Etat et de ses gouvernements envers les engagements qu’ils prennent se perpétue à cause de la compréhension de l’Europe envers l’Italie qui se passe pour l’un des pays fondateurs de l’UE.L’Italie jouit de la complicité de certains pays d’Europe comme la France, l’Espagne, l’Allemagne etc. : ceux-ci sourient pour manifester leur désaccord avec l’Italie. Mais ils ne défendent pas les droit et la moralité européens violés par l’Italie.On le voit à travers le problème des enseignants européens qui dure depuis presque 3 décennies.Les peuples européens qui s’opposent à l’Europe à travers les consultations populaires désapprouvent cette Europe qui tolère le comportement des Etats comme l’Italie

  10. Béatrice Nieberding says:

    Luxembourg et Bruxelles, on s’en fout de vos appels
    Luxembourg et Bruxelles, c’est qu’ des conneries mes belles
    Luxembourg et Bruxelles, saloperies à la pelle

    Chœur des lecteurs:

    Bruxelles, Luxembourg, au secours !

    Europe Italie, sonnez l’hallali !
    Univs d’Italie, la coupe jusqu’à la lie…

    Univs sans cash, mort aux vaches !

  11. MicimGao8 says:

    Nice thought. I love it. Thank you for sharing

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