Delicious Italian food:You jump in mouth to the Roman

10 years ago many Italian universities decided that technology was the answer to their language teaching needs – so they fired the foreign lecturers and advised students to use the internet. Google translations are filtering down to the restaurants. Here’s what I’d go for from this menu in Milan.

As an appetizer I recommend either the “warm sea” or the “fresh sword”.  Or if your not fussed – how about the ” Bresaola nuisance and rucolo”

 First course for vegetarians – try the “Pens tomato and jumped cheese” . Want  to get your lady horny … try the “Pappardelle of the juice game … or the porky mushrooms”.  “Spaghetti sea and mountains” though hard to digest is delcious.

As a second might I suggest “You jump in mouth to the Roman” … or “Cut to the porky mussrooms”. If you prefer fish – why not try “Cut of sword to the pink pepper”  or “Bass to the salt or to the irons”.

If you are not a wine drinker, you might like to wash it all down with a “middle beer to the thorn beck’s”.

Finally, make sure you get a “correct coffee” – the others are just plain wrong.

And good appetite …

crazy menu’

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4 Responses to Delicious Italian food:You jump in mouth to the Roman

  1. María José says:

    It’s unbelievable!! Dignity, doesn’t exist? Now, we all, want the name of this funny restaurant. Ha, ha, ha!

    MJ, Milan

  2. anne warren says:

    What’s worse? They’ve got a communication problem or they don’t realise they’ve got a communication problem?

  3. Elowitz says:

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

  4. Matthew says:

    “Or if your not fussed”?

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