Mark Lazarowicz MP Joins the Fight for Justice for British Lecturers in Italy


 Mark LAZAROWICZ MP for Edinburgh North & Leith – Joins the Fight for Justice for British Lecturers in Italy –

David Petrie, chairman of the Association of Foreign Lecturers in Italy has secured the support of his local MP, MARK LAZAROWICZ, Edinburgh North & Leith in his long battle for equality of treatment for British lecturers working in Italian universities.

The two met on 26 October, at the House of Commons in London.

David Petrie said, “I am delighted to say that he lost no time in telling me he would be contacting Mr Lidington, UK Minister for Europe  – this, coming on the eve of our meeting with UK Minister David Lidington MP is a welcome boost to our campaign for equal treatment.”

Mr Lazarowicz who has tabled an Early Day Motion said today “ The treatment of my constituent David Petrie and his colleagues has been outrageous. The dossier of individual experiences which he and his association have put together highlights the trauma that many of the lecturers have had to experience over so many years. They have been waiting far too long for justice.

The text of the Early Day Motion, 27 October 2010:

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One Response to Mark Lazarowicz MP Joins the Fight for Justice for British Lecturers in Italy

  1. Ian James Gavin says:

    Outrageous and unbelievable that Europe and previous British governments haven’t brought Italy to book on this one…………..It’s simple Mr.Lidington. Italy has to apply the law ( Legge 63) to all foreign lettori, going back to the first date that they were hired…..After all, that’s what the ECJ said….unless of course (for political reasons) we are prepared to allow this discrimination to continue

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