Liberal Democrat Dan Rogerson MP/Minister David Lidington – discrimination against British lecturers

In a previous post I reported that Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson MP had complained to the Coalition government that Italy’s longstanding ongoing discrimination against British lecturers should not be tolerated.

Dan Rogerson MP

British  Minister for Europe, David Lidington has replied assuring him:
“I am actively involved, and will continue to do all that is possible to bring the issue of discrimination against British lecturers to the attention of the Italian authorities to assure that their rights are acknowledged”.
The latest ploy in the Italian government’s refusal  uphold its EU treaty obligations  to its foreign teachers was to pass a law  “extinguishing” their rights. But to date, Italian judges are refusing to apply the new law, see:
The EL Gazette May 2011
Italian judges refuse to apply new ‘lettori’ law

TWO ITALIAN judges trying separate cases – one in Naples and one in Pavia – have refused to apply the new Gelmini law, which extinguishes all claims for compensation and back pay made by lettori – foreign university lecturers denied the same employment rights as their Italian colleagues (see the April 2011 Gazette). These early February rulings immediately followed the Gelmini law being approved by Italian president Giorgio Napolitano, who formally registered his reservations over one of its clauses while doing so.    David Petrie, who represents the lettori claimants, told the Gazette that around a third of the lettori were EFL lecturers, some of whom have retired. Various dubious laws dating back to 1980 redefined these foreign lecturers as collaboratori, or lower   grade-non-teaching staff.    Petrie said political pressure on Italy over the lettori issue was increasing. German Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) led by Peter Jahr have recently given their support to calls for action from British MEPs. UK minister for Europe David Lidington has asked for a meeting with his Italian counterpart on the EU’s Council of Ministers, while Dan Rogerson, an MP in the UK (Westminster) parliament, has written to foreign secretary William Hague calling for a debate.    As we went to press, the lettoris’ lawyers were anticipating an imminent response from the European Commission to their request to start infringement proceedings against Italy’s government for breaching their clients’ rights under European law.


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3 Responses to Liberal Democrat Dan Rogerson MP/Minister David Lidington – discrimination against British lecturers

  1. Robert Coates says:

    It is true that Italian judges pay little notice to the lettore provision of the Gelmini law. Unfortunately, the Italian government put in the offending clause to give Italian universites the excuse of not respecting European and in this they have been entirely successful. In recent negotiations, Italian university administrations have recently assigned any requests by ‘lettori’ to the dust bin, citing the Gelmini law as their justification.

  2. Sylve Depietri says:

    Please do it! we can’t wait anylonger. As far as I am concerned, I have been working for more than 30 years at Bologna University , and of course,I am not the only one in a situation which is now becoming unbearable…
    Thank you for what you are doing.
    Sylvie Depietri

  3. oferdesade says:

    i dont believe this!!! the academic establishment that is first and foremost in boycotting israeli scientists and lecturers (who brought you the pillcam, drip irrigation, countless nobel prizes etc. etc. ad nauseum) are crying foul against another academic institution that is probably discriminating against THEM?! reason is probably that the italians realize that british academia is not what it used to be, since it sold most of its chairs to the saudis.

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