Franco Frattini, David Lidington, Catia Polidori; Made in Italy

The Italian Insider reported on this week’s meeting between UK Minister for Europe and Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini.

I am pleased to hear that Mr Frattini has promised to look into the lettori question. Mr Frattini was European Commissioner for Italy from November 2004, taking office shortly after the Commission launched infringement proceedings in the 5th lettori case to be heard in the European Court of Justice; too late for Mr Frattini’s intervention but it is encouraging that he has accepted Mr Lidington’s invitation to intervene now.

La Repubblica reported on David Lidington’s busy schedule and cites Italian Minister for Trade Catia Polidori.

Catia Polidori Italian Minister for Trade

She said she was in full agreement with Mr Lidington on the role of international trade as the indispensable element for economic recovery. She stressed the need for the reduction, and if possible elimination, of barriers to trade while emphasising the need to protect her country’s Made in Italy brand. “In short”, she said: “more market, better rules.”

Fine, absolutely fine –  infringement of single market rules are always to be deplored, particularly so when these rules have been judicially decided upon by the EU’s supreme court, the European Court of Justice – as is the case of the lettori.

“Better rules”, perhaps, but above all Europe needs better application of existing rules.

I feel sure she will take this point. We would certainly welcome her support.

Link to La Repubblica

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