16 years on – Lettori launch complaints under European Court of Human Rights legislation

For those of you who like anniversaries this week, 13 July,  marks the 16th anniversary of the European Parliament’s resolution on discriminatory treatment on the grounds of nationality for foreign language teachers (‘lettori’) at Verona University (Italy), in violation of Article 48 of the EEC Treaty.

Full text below –


This morning, three lecturers in English at Brescia University were in court to recover damages plus interest in unpaid wages. The Italian state advocate defending the University of Brescia  failed to turn up. A judgment is expected on 29 September 2011.

Since there are hundreds of other court cases pending – and hundreds others in preparation – one way for the Italian state to reduce its massive public spending deficit would be to guarantee to pay foreign lecturers their wages (as they are guaranteed for Italians) rather wasting expensive court time over the next coming 16 years.

These lecturers and many others whose cases have not reached judgment within 5 years are automatically entitled to damages under Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

I can confirm that our lawyers have now deposited a case for damages under this legislation – myself and two other British lecturers are seeking damages of €20.809,23 each. Come autumn ALLSI will hold a national meeting to advise other lettori to do the same.

David Martin, Vice President of the European Parliament with lettori from Verona University - 1995

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