Italian Minister Mariastella Gelmini meets UK Minister David Willetts – foreign lecturers Italy


I am very happy to report that Italian Minister for Education, Universities and Research, Mariastella Gelmini met with UK Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts in Rome on 20 September 2011.

Minister Mariastella Gelmini

Minister David Willetts

This is the first time in our 25 year campaign for  equal treatment that an Italian Minister has sat down to talk to a UK Minister specifically on the subject of fair treatment of migrant lecturers in accordance with European single market rules.

It is a significant breakthrough – and we warmly thank both Minister Willetts and Minister Gelmini.

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials confirmed today that Minister Willetts was warmly received by Minister Gelmini who said that she was aware of the problems and was anxious to ensure that foreign lecturers will receive equal rights as Italian lecturers.  The FCO described the meeting as welcoming and positive.

We are confident that progress has been made and closure is in sight. I would expect officials from both the UK and the Italian authorities to be working closely in the coming weeks.

More at – The Italian Insider: Hope at last for Foreign Lecturers in Italy?

David Petrie tel +39 347  4297324

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One Response to Italian Minister Mariastella Gelmini meets UK Minister David Willetts – foreign lecturers Italy

  1. anne says:

    Wonderful news! Compliments to the UK government for taking this long-standing issue so much to heart and for its committment to a just resolution to this thorny problem. Lasting as it has for up to 30 years it has blighted careers and caused the innocent victims untold misery and humiliation in the workplace, to say nothing of financial hardship as well as the costs and anguish of apparently ever-lasting court cases.
    It is to be hoped this blatant injustice will soon come to an end as working conditions for foreign lecturers are brought up to the standard of Italian lecturers and they receive adequate arrears of salary, pensions and compensation for what they have had to suffer .

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