David Cameron’s frustration over Italy’s evasion of European law

The Italian Insider reports, 18 December 2013, on Italy’s ongoing flouting of single market rules  and David Cameron’s frustration with the Italian authorities  – http://www.italianinsider.it/?q=node/1304

Here’s what is frustrating Mr Cameron and the European project:

“Well, let me just take this opportunity in order to warn Europeans that Italy’s major contribution to Europe will be to teach their colleagues in other EU member states the two related arts of evading the law and legislating in order to facilitate law evasion at a later date.”  – Domenico Pacitti,   26 August 2003.

How so?

In the “lettori” foreign lecturers case, Italy has lost  over a period of  23 years, 7  cases in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) – but Italy continues its illegal discrimination based on nationality.

To “satisfy” Europe, Italy changed its law in 1995 – law 236.

In 2001 the ECJ ruled that law 236 did not conform to EU law.

Italy changed its law in 2004 – law 63.

“Satisfied” that law 63 conforms to EU law, the ECJ (in 2006) decided not to fine Italy to the tune of €390.750 per day – as requested by the ECJ’s advocate general, Poiares Maduro.

Italy changes its law again, 2010 – law 240, the “Gelmini law” which re-imposes law 236 – already condemned by the ECJ.


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3 Responses to David Cameron’s frustration over Italy’s evasion of European law

  1. prof Vincent Lombardo says:

    prestissimo, un altro condanna per Italia…ma quando lo fanno pagare per questa discrimminazione? Intendo dire danna morale.. soldi .. ecc FORZA DAVID ..vincent lombardo (ex collaboratore linguistico) .. main veritas… un prof. BUON NATALE A TUTTI!!!

  2. Barocco says:

    Pacitti’s comments were truly prescient. Italy’s status as an ultra-recidivist now is clearer than ever, and if they do find themselves back in court on this issue for the umpteenth time I hope the judges throw the book at them.

  3. The popular image of a muddling happy-go-lucky Italy are in stark contrast to their state’s well-organised strategy of people shafting, especially if they are foreigners. Successive Italian governments have done their utmost to frustrate and isolate the language lecturers, hoping that they would either disappear, die or simply stop fighting. From Prodi to Mussi, from Gelmini to Monti…….Left ,right and centre they have deliberately wasted Europe’s time knowing that sitting the thing out and drawing up dodgy legislation would get them of the hook. How right Pacitti was.

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