Mario Monti cuts the cash: a note on professori, raccomandazioni and circuses

A Happy New Year to all my readers and my warm thanks to David Lidington, British Minister for Europe and David Willetts British Minister of State for Universities and Science for their continued efforts in the field of education to create a better, fairer and more equal Europe.

The Italian Insider invited me to comment on the recent cuts  to the budgets of Italy’s Universities.

link to:  Italy’s University barons deserve austerity


David Lidington


David Willetts


Postscript –

When I wrote  for Italian Insider I was unaware that Cesare Cecioni had passed away on 12 September 2012. Maurizio Gotti  announced this in a circular to AIA,  Associazione Italiana di Anglistica, his tribute to Cesare Cecioni and those of Giovanni Iamartino,  Stefania Nuccorini,  Marina Bondi,  Giuliana Garzone,  Pina Cortese,  Rosa Maria Bollettieri,  Paola Evangelisti, Carmela Nocera,  Gabriella Di Martino,  Marina Dossena,  Gabriella Del Lungo,  Carol Taylor and Gigiola Mariani can be read at pp. 20-22 of the Association’s Electronic Newsletter n. 70 – November 2012 – available online and here: AIA N. 70

I should have written the late Cesare Cecioni.

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