…native speakerism always has racist and gendered overtones …

Link below takes you to book on native speakerism – chapter 2 is on “lettori” –  human rights abuses in Italian Universities


Is the English Native Speaker a political or a linguistic concept? Native Speakerism in Japan persuades us that it is political. Houghton and Rivers have assembled a powerful group of ELT professionals with first-hand experience of Japan and Italy who argue convincingly that native speakerism always has racist and gendered overtones.
Alan Davies, University of Edinburgh, UK

This excellent book constitutes a significant contribution to the critical study of language education. The concept of native-speakerism, based in an ideology of deficiency as well as an extremely questionable bifurcation of ‘native speakers’ and ‘non-native speakers’, is shown to be a far more complex process in which native speakers of English are both empowered and disempowered simultaneously.


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