Italian Appeal Court applies Italy’s racist “Gelmini” law

On 25 January 2011 I informed the European Parliament that the “Gelmini law” was about to come into force which would deny basic civil rights to a specifically targeted group of non-Italian citizens – see video link  – David Petrie addressing the European Parliament on the “extinguishing” of legal rights of non-Italians

On 13 July 2013 a  Court of Appeal in Brescia applied the Gelmini law extinguishing (that is to say , not merely overturning but nullifying) a favourable judgment of the lower Brescia court.

See The Italian Insider, 15 July 2013 Brescia Court ‘disappears’ lettori award  anche in italiano PDF  Il Tribunale di Brescia “fa sparire” un risarcimento per arretrati stipendiali di tre lettori

IN A NUTSHELL: Italy, a founder member of the EU,  enacted  a law which denies basic civil rights to foreign lettori – the law’s express purpose was to re-interpret, in order to evade, application of judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

We have written to President Barroso appealing to him to refer the matter to the Council of Ministers.

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5 Responses to Italian Appeal Court applies Italy’s racist “Gelmini” law

  1. Tony Lawson says:

    If this whole question doesn’t come to a head in the coming months then it’s hard to imagine it ever happening!

  2. Emanuela Agostino says:

    What a horrible joke!

    • B. Mims says:

      Unfortunately, the joke is not only on the lettori who watched as their hard-fought case was illegally thrown out of the courts. The joke is on all Italians. The increasingly weak state of law in Italy has had devastating consequences on Italian families and will have more in future. If the UE does not take action on this injustice towards the lettori, after years of allowing various Italian governments to thumb their noses at the UE, Italians will watch their ties to European democracy slowly but inexorably disappear. Great job, Gelmini and the Court of Appeals in Brescia!

  3. Marie Anne Quinn says:

    What will the EU Court of Justice do now? Issue more warnings, request assurances that the European Human Rights Convention will be upheld, threaten fines, again? Foreign lettori have had to tolerate the intolerable for far too long. Concrete action is needed. Britain and France are right to consider excluding Italy from the Erasmus project until it abides by the agreements and fully implements the judgements of the Court of Justice of the EU

  4. Antrop says:

    God and UK save foreign lettori!

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