Italy’s threat to future of Europe – European Voice

European Voice today on its front page  PDF “Fresh challenge to Italy on foreign lecturers pay”


 Link to European Voice article

On page six the editorial is PDF   Italy’s disrespect for rule of law hurts all of EU | European Voice”


Link to European Voice editorial

On behalf of the all lettori I would like to thank the staff of European Voice who have been reporting this case for 30 years.

Our thanks also to the European Parliament Committee for petitions,  Edward McMillan-Scott MEP and all of the MEPs who have been supporting us over the years.

We trust that the rule of law will prevail.

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One Response to Italy’s threat to future of Europe – European Voice

  1. arianna jacobs says:

    The case in Brescia has proved that if nobody stops them the Italian universities and Italian courts will quash the rights of lecturers who have been working in Italy for many years and have contributed, as much as the tenure professors, to teaching generations of Italian students.The idea of court of Law ‘extinguishing’ a case and preventing a European citizen from defending himself is a scandal.The blatant discrimination of non-Italian teachers and disregard for basic civil rights must come to an end. If it doesn’t, I personally can’t see the point of having a Union which promotes the free circulation of workers and guarantees the same rights, but in practice has done nothing to uphold and enforce it. After almost 30 years as a foreign lecturer at Milan University quite frankly I had lost all confidence in anything being achieved at a European level. Let’s hope this time I am proved wrong.

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