Erminia Mazzoni chair #PETI_EU

Ermina Mazzoni MEP

Ermina Mazzoni MEP

My very warm thanks, Brussels European Parliament,  25 November 2013 to Petition’s Committee chair, Erminia Mazzoni MEP who rejected calls from European Commission lawyers to close down the lettori  petition – after 30 years – clarity is what we want  –  she told the Commission.

Petitions hearing 25 Nov 2013 European Parliament

Petitions hearing 25 Nov 2013 European Parliament

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5 Responses to Erminia Mazzoni chair #PETI_EU

  1. Tony Lawson says:

    This is encouraging! My thanks also to Erminia Mazzoni.

  2. Warm thanks to Erminia Mazzoni MEP

  3. Susan Perzolli says:

    Encouraging, indeed! Let’s wait and see what the “clarity” actually is before popping the champagne, though. Excuse the cynicism, only we have been waiting for “clarity” (as well as a lot of other things) for an awfully long time. This doesn’t stop me from thanking Ms Mazzoni, too.

  4. Alex Kirichenko says:

    As you say, Susan, it’s been clear as a bell for several decades. What we now need is genuine action and unadulterated honesty from the Commission. Many thanks to David and Ms Mazzoni. In the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the proverbial best!

  5. sylvie Depietri says:

    It seems that in Italy the sense of Justice still exists.Thank you soo much Mrs Mazzoni!

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