David Petrie – speech to Petitions Committee European Parliament 25 November 2013


David Petrie speech Brussels, 25 Nov 2013 European Parliament

David Petrie speech Brussels, 25 Nov 2013 European Parliament

European Parliament

25 November 2013 Petition 0689/1998
Speech – David Petrie

Thank you, Madam chair, Honourable members,

I have left a file with the secretariat containing 3 expert opinions on Gelmini along with a letter from Commissioner Andor’s office stating, in effect, that the Commission is minded to close our complaint.

Nowhere does the Commission say that Gelmini conforms … it rather limply and vaguely says that it lacks the evidence to proceed to infringement.

Our lawyer, Prof. Picotti, has provided a further 17 pages of evidence and analysis and we have asked for a face to face meeting to further assist the Commission in discharging its burden of proof.

Look no further than this morning’s newspapers to see that Europe is in crisis – and migration – free movement – is a burning issue.

National governments know that if they are out of touch – with the public – on this issue – they will be out of government.

UK Minister for Europe, David Lidington (who has asked to see me on Thursday) has frequently, fearlessly and frankly denounced Italy’s behavior as “immoral and illegal” … and he can now report encouraging signs from Italian Ministers Bonino and Carrozza.

British, French, German, Irish and Spanish Embassies are now taking a keen interest and cooperation has begun among the Embassies in Rome.

Not surreptitiously,– but right in the face – of all EU institutions, Silvio Berlusconi’s government enacted the Gelmini law, with the stated aim – in the Italian Senate, minutes no. 94 December 2010, n. – lamenting that some cases are being decided sfavorevoli per le università. unfavourably for the universities.

It is distinctly conceivable that this law is the herald of the coming community – a community where rule of law is gone, discrimination accepted, racism sanctioned. In reality, it is not a law at all – it’s a diktat.

If this diktat succeeds: 

it will be proven that after 30 years of litigation, equal and fair treatment in the EU single market is unenforceable:

that ordinary decent migrant teachers – nobody has ever accused us of being “scroungers” or “welfare tourists” or “health tourists” – can have their civil rights withdrawn by diktat – not in spite of winning 6 judgments in the European Court of Justice – but because of winning them.

See in the file – Expert opinions on Gelmini … 2 professors and a Q.C. (senior Counsel) – QUOTE ‘an astonishing statutory provision … endangers the rule of law… undermines the authority of the ECJ …”

And, from Jean Monnet Professor of European law (a title conferred upon her by the European Commission) Professor Noreen Burrows:

QUOTE “closing the file would signal to Italy and all other Member States that persistent disregard of basic EU rules will at the end of the day be condoned rather than challenged….

Meanwhile courts in Lecce, Turin, Milan, a Brescia retroactively, extinguish court cases. Wages cut by as much as 60%, Catania, Salento, Bergamo … these cuts, all citing Gelmini as “the law of the land” only affect lettori – non-Italians. A race law, devoid of legitimacy.

Either Minister David Lidington’s position will win through in the end – as it ought to – or we will be engulfed and swallowed by the sly ad hoc quick-fix Berlusconis of Europe aided by an acquiescent college of Commissioners.

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3 Responses to David Petrie – speech to Petitions Committee European Parliament 25 November 2013

  1. Tony Lawson says:

    Nothing to add. You’ve summed it up in a nutshell. It’s up to the powers that be now to decide which way they want to go with this…

  2. David I cannot believe they still intend to disregard the rule of law here. We are fighting our own health battle through the Scottish Parliament, who, thankfully, show more discernment than their European counterparts – so far at least. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVXvYrJJ5dU

    If only dear John Simpson was still here, he could have come to both our aid. Hope you are well.

  3. Judith Evans says:

    Excellent speech. As Tony says above, you summed 30 years of litigation up in a very convincing way. Thanks once again, David.

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