Crocodile tears of Commissioner Andor over stress in the workplace

The Italian business newspaper IL SOLE 24 ore reports on Commissioner Andor’s concerns over stress being the biggest cause of absenteeism among workers in the EU.

Stress da lavoro prima causa dell’assenteismo: parte campagna Ue per formare i capi

If Commissioner Andor would not object to the imputation perhaps he, as Commissioner for free movement and equal treatment, might consider the effect of stress on the hundreds of lettori repeatedly forced into litigation over a period of thirty years in order to get their wages. Over 2,000 court cases in Italy and 6 in the ECJ … Recently we supplied him with proof that non-Italian lecturers in Bergamo, Catania and Salento had their wages cut by up to 50% – while no category of Italian workers received any such cuts.

His response (2 April 2014) to a question in the European Parliament put by Emma McClarkin MEP “…the Commission found no evidence of any infringement of EU law”

Perhaps Commissioner Andor would  like to read up on the case of,  Sigrid Vesnaver  who committed suicide in Trieste in December 2005, Times Higher Education 8 May 2008 Second-class colleagues

Commissioner László Andor - better worker protection

Commissioner László Andor – better worker protection

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