Free movement of workers: European Parliament Petitions Committee 1 Dec. 14 – MEPs to be shown how Commission opinion on lettori is based on “a gross misrepresentation of facts”

I will be giving evidence to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels circa 15.30 on Monday 1 December. ALLSI lawyer, I will focus on a letter written by our lawyer,  Professor Avvocato Lorenzo Picotti (who successfully pleaded 2 lettori cases in the ECJ), on 24 November. The letter is addressed to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker asking that a he revokes a letter written by Employment Services chief Armindo Silva – which “ignores the decisive fact” on which the European Court of Justice based its judgment on the legitimacy of Italian law 63 of 2004.

See The Italian Insider report of 27 November, Brussels legal boob gives Lettori hope

Please note that the Committee proceedings can  be followed as a webcast via European Parliament streaming over the following link:   – either live or deferred as of the following day.


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