University of Verona: King’s College lecturer victim of nepotism



The Italian Insider reports, 26 October 2016

King’s College lecturer victim of Italian university nepotism

Video in italiano Le Iene  mediaset pecoraro cervello in fuga

This takes us back more than 2 decades when 3 British lecturers (lettori) were excluded from selection process at Verona university; Their exclusion was deemed illegitimate by the European Court of Justice in conjunction with the Venice Regional Tribunal.

The University of Verona was condemned for abuse of human rights at a plenary session of the European Parliament, 13-july-1995, concerning its treatment of lettori. Text on European Parliament site PDF at page 63. LINK


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3 Responses to University of Verona: King’s College lecturer victim of nepotism

  1. Gruppo Silvio e Klaus says:

    This situation against Lecturers is present non only in Verona’s University but in Milan also, e not only against British L. but of all Nations of UE and extra Europe

  2. George Frame says:

    Dear David Petrie,

    Horrific saga continues … in Verona … 20+ years on! How you & colleagues have had the stamina and bloody persistence to carry on the fight amazes me and fills me with admiration. Acquire all the influential support and favourable judgements, and makes zero difference.

    Best wishes, nevertheless.


  3. Sofia Acosta says:

    This is illegal what they are doing in Italian universities! Lettori have an important role for the university and for society. The European Union, and Great Britain should do something to stop this illegal action! Those responsible for this action should be made to pay
    From USA

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