The Italian Insider 23 January 2018 EU Parliament angered by Italy over lettori

The Daily Telegraph 23 January 2018 British lecturers Appeal to EU over pay discrimination at Italian universities

Italian state news agency ANSA, 23 January 2018

Università: lettori stranieri al Parlamento Ue, noi discriminati da Italia

FINANCIAL TIMES 11 October 2017 Italian court has asserted its supremacy over ECJ

27 June 2017 QC challenges jurisdiction over foreign “lettori”

5 March 2017  UK government ‘committed’ to end Lettori discrimination, Duncan says

7 February 2017  UK Minister for Brexit urged to intervene in lettori struggle

27 January 2017  ‘Inexcusable failure’ of EU commission in ‘lettori’ plight



The Times, 14 Dec. 16, Parity in Europe

The Italian Insider, 7 December 2016 President of European Council addressed over lettori rights

EL Gazette, November 2016 Brexiting UK seeks to resolve lettori story

The Italian Insider, 12 November 2016   Discrimination of lettori ‘unacceptable’ UK minister says.

The Italian Insider 3 November 2016: Italy education spending bonanza swizzles UK lettori

The Italian Insider Editorial comment: 24 October 2016: Renzi owes lettori Justice an d front page story  UK wants early resolution of lettori plight

See also, print edition, front page story & editorial in PDF: 


17 September 2017  LINK to article:     Johnson urges Italy to act on lettori

Will Brexit secure rights for the Lettori?     15 July 2016


The Italian Insider 22 January 2016, Fight against Italian ‘lettori’ intensifies


Fight against Italian ‘lettori’ discrimination intensifies |


Telegraph logo


Letter 16 December 2015


The Guardian letter 12.11.15: Proper debate needed on UK’s place in Europe
letter number 6 – Association of Foreign Lecturers in Italy – ALLSI


7 November 2015, The Italian Insider , “Start proceedings against Italy” UK MEP tells Thyssen

25 September 2015 Countdown to end Italy’s 35 year lettori shame

MEPs slam lettori whitewash    The Italian Insider March 15 pdf

The Italian Insider: Italy’s muddle of contradictions


 MEPs criticise Commission handling of lettori case Europolitics 3 Dec 14


Lettori Accuse Commission of major legal error Europolitics 29 November 14

Lettori Case ‘an embarrassment to the EU’ 1 December 2014


The Italian Insider, 27 November 2014, Brussels legal boob gives Lettori hope

20 October 2014  UK envoy to tackle Italy on lettori plight

THE    6 academics share their experience of university life overseas … n. 6 Italy Dolce vita? Rather sour actually



Italy again pledges justice for lettori 12 March 2014


LINK: Sunday 9 March 2014 Expat lecturers fight pay bias

PDF Expat lecturers fight pay bias | The Sunday Times

EL Gazette: Lettori story approaches denouement, March 2014


8 January 2014 Italy-UK deal on lecturers’ compensation

Leicester Mercury

8 January 2014 UK lecturers denied fair rights


Daily Telegraph, 3 December 2013 – second letter

Telegraph logo

29 November 2013 Abused expat lecturers in Italy given fresh hope

logo29 November 2013 Lidington vows justice for lettori



27 November 2013 – FIGHT AGAINST DISCRIMINATION Lettori: MEPs challenge Commission to show legal case settled

The Italian Insider, 26 November 2013  EU probe of Italy’s lettori scandal resumes

ANSA 26 nov. 2013

Università: lettori stranieri, resta aperta indagine Ue


22 November 2013 “Real progress” on Lettori – Lidington

21 November 2013  Commissioners mull Cameron Lettori plea

 14 November 2013 Lettori: Open Letter to Enrico Letta

The Italian Insider 11 November 2013 Cameron urges EU to annul Gelmini law

THEThe Times Higher Education 10 October 2013, Italy’s lettori get no help from European Commission


Europolitics Fundamental Rights:  Reding urged to intervene in long-running lettori dispute – PDF  EUROPOLITICS 3 Oct 2013 p11


30 September 2013 Commission stand”outrages” MEP Italian Insider p.2

12 September 2013  UK to European Council over Lettori

12 September 2013 Erasmus fiasco hits Palermo University


29.07.13  Erasmus a rischio per gli studenti italiani?

18 July 2013, logo.gifFresh challenge to Italy on foreign lecturers pay and editorial Italy’s disrespect for rule of law hurts all of EU” – here   PDF  FRONT PAGE & EDITORIAL

and here – Fresh challenge to Italy on foreign lecturers’ pay and EDITORIAL Italy’s disrespect for rule of law hurts all of EU


17 July 2013

Lettori dealt a blow by Brescia court


17 luglio 2013 INCHIESTA – Niente più Erasmus in UK per l’Italia se non risolve la questione dei lettori stranieri


 15 July 2013 Brescia Court ‘disappears’ lettori award  anche in italiano PDF  Il Tribunale di Brescia “fa sparire” un risarcimento per arretrati stipendiali di tre lettori msgr_logo 15. 07.13, DOWNLOAD PDF IL MESSAGGERO  LINK IL MESSAGGERO 15 luglio 2013 La minaccia di Londra: italiani fuori Erasmus logo

12 July 2012  UK “may exclude” Italy Erasmus students

8 July 2013 France lambasts Rome on lecturer pay


30 May 2013 Foreign language lecturers’ 33-year wait for Italian justice

30 mai 2013 Les « lettori » en Italie attendent justice depuis 33 ans


3931 May 2013 Human Rights Without Frontiers   Newsletter_Italy (Discrimination against non-Italian university lecturers)

Telegraph logo

 30 May 2013 Telegraph – Abused expat lecturers in Italy: ‘Europe must act’ logo 30 May 2013 The Italian Insider: UK to ask European Council to end Italy discrimination against British lecturers 24 May 2013 The Italian Insider The Toxic Gelmini Legacy

22 May 2013Italian university “racism” angers Britain


10 Maggio 2013 Universita’, tagli per i lettori madrelingua: “Legge discrimiinatoria e anticostituzionale”


16 April 2013Commission must punish Italy for lecturers’ race law – European Parliament


13 aprile 2013, Universita’ del Salento tagliati gli stipendi a docenti madre lingua


Telegraph logo

11 April 2013,    Top-level support for expat lecturers suffering discrimination in Italy


11 April 2013,  Lettori suffer 50% pay cut: ‘Race law’ cited in imposition of reductions



10 April 2013 INCHIESTA – Università: la legge Gelmini miete le prime vittime tra i lettori stranieri



2 April 2013 Pay cut in half for British lecturers in Italy

PDF edition – with kind permission of The Times The Times Pay cut in half for British lecturers teaching in Italy | The Times




4  January 2013  Italy university barons “deserve austerity”


msgr_logo  19 December 2012  Ue, l’Italia rischia procedura infrazione
«Lettori di lingua inglese discriminati» ———————————————————————————————————- logo 18 December 2012           EU raps Italy on lecturers’ discrimination  ——————————————————————————————————- nannimagazine20 June 2012 Università: i lettori stranieri? “Una minaccia per un sistema costruito sulle raccomandazioni” ————————————————————————— nytlogo152x2317 June 2012  Foreign Instructors Fighting for Equality at Italian Universities ——————————————————————————————————-


logo.gif17 November 2011  Will Italy now put an end to an ancient wrong?


11 November 2011

Silvio Berlusconi knew that Italians don’t like change or obeying rules Corruption, vested interests, bunga-bunga girls … and it became a country for old men

———————————————————– THE 11 November 2011 Cameron and Willetts take up plight of the lettori ————————— Telegraph Media Group Limited  15 August 2011  Expat lecturers in Italy win support of Prime Minister  ——————————————————————————————————— nannimagazine 25 August 2011 Università e lettori stranieri: Cameron, “Italia si fa beffa del mercato unico” ————————————————————————————————– logo 8 August 2011 Lettori Stranieri, che storiaccia ————————————————————- THE 16 June 2011 ‘Pioneers of the new EUrope’ fight the Italian closed shop ————————- nannimagazine 13 June 2011 Università e lettori stranieri: faccia a faccia Frattini-Lidington —————————————————————————– logo.gif 10 February 2011 Standing up for Lettori 2 February 2011 LEADER ARTICLE    Erosion of Italy’s European tradition is a crying shame ——————————————————————- nannimagazine 2 February 2011 Università e lettori stranieri: un giudice ‘sabota’ la riforma Gelmini 21 January 2011 Università e lettori stranieri: “La riforma Gelmini non risolve nulla” ————————————————————————- independent_masthead 25 January 2010 Anger at Italy foreign staff rights ———————————————– a405bdac7f4cbd4f78a5db964a5d9be4 2 4 February 2010 Adjudged mistreatment of foreign lecturers leaves Italian Universities facing bankruptcy ———————— 14 October 2010, DAILY TELEGRAPH  British lecturers in Italy win discrimination pay-out ———————————————- 8 October 2010 British lecturers win damages over promotion block  independent_masthead ———————————————————————————— 22 September 2010 Telegraph  The expat who took on Italy  ————————————————————————– THE   11 February 2010 Minister takes up lettori cause —————————————————————————- top_main[1] 4 February 2010  The Bologna process is failing foreign lecturers in Italy. —————————————- 27 January 2010      Telegraph      Expat implores EU to help foreign lecturers in Italy ——————————————————- The Guardian 31 January 2010   British lecturers in Italy win better pay after court ruling —————————– logo_stampa 31 January 2010 , Atenei, la rivolta dei lettori ———————————- THE

14 January 2010

UK politicians join fight to end Italian ‘inequities’

—————————————————————————— masthead_main 12 February 2009 Italy has a history of discrimination – ——————————- HOLYROOD MAGAZINE       9 February 2009 The Italian Job  ———————————————————— logo-epolitix 27 January 2007 Righting Wrongs —————————————————————————- THE 28 July 2006  Italy let off lettori fines ————————————————————————– global-header-logo 19 July 2006 European Court fails to impose fines on Italy for discrimination against foreign lecturers ——————————————————- domenico_response_sinistra12 January 2006 An open letter to the rector of the University of Verona  the-economist-logo17-23 December 2005 Italy The barons who run Italy’s fiefs —————————————————————————————— THE 21 November 2005  Lettori in Court to claim fines ———————– 8 December 2005 Two lecturers take on Italian government in court battle  1130617255 5 February 2004 Scots Lecturer wins legal fight over discrimination  ——————- business5 February 2004 Italy faces huge fine for discrimination ————————————————– bbc_logo-14 February 20o4 Italy faces fines over teachers  ——————————————————- Zeit25 September 2003 Solvit? Ecas? Nie gehoert? logo.gif 10 July 1997 Italian Challenge to the ideal of European Unity 


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