PDF: PRESS ARTICLES updated 11 October 2017

11 October 2017    Italian court has asserted its supremacy over ECJ

The Italian Insider 5 March 2017

UK ‘committed’ to end Lettori discrimination, Duncan says | www.italianinsider.it

The Times – Parity In Europe, 14 December 2016  20161215113239468

The Italian Insider, 22 January 2016

Fight against Italian ‘lettori’ discrimination intensifies | www.italianinsider.it

The Telegraph, 15 December 2015 – Italy leap-frogs Treaty undermining supremacy of EU law Coates letter Telegraph

The Guardian“Proper debate needed on UK’s place in Europe | Letters | Politics | The Guardian”

The Italian Insider, 7 November 2015, Start Proceedings Against Italy, UK MEP tells Thyssen,

Brescia Court of Appeal extinguishes lettori cases | www.italianinsider.it

Countdown to end Italy’s 35 year lettori shame | www.italianinsider.it

The Italian Insider March 15 pdf

Europolitics 29 November n 4983 “Lettori accuse Commission of major legal error”  Europolitics 29 November 14

The Italian Insider, 27 November 2014, PDF Brussels legal boob gives Lettori hope

The Italian Insider, 12 March 2014,  Italy again pledges justice for lettori

9 March 2014 PDF Expat lecturers fight pay bias | The Sunday Times

PRESS PACK October 2013, Times Higher Education, Europolitics, The Italian Insider

PRESS PACK July-Sept 2013 European Voice front page article & editorial, Nanni Magazine, The Italian Insider, Il Messaggero

PRESS PACK April-May 2013  The Telegraph, Europolitics, The Italian Insider, Times Higher Education, The Times

PRESS PACK 1993-2010


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